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Our production is modern and systematic.

We are agile in our movements, we listen to our clients and react flexibly to their needs.

We are interested in participating in the development of your product so that the manufacture of the parts can be implemented in the most effective way possible to achieve the best possible result.

The basis of our work and quality is the competent and professional staff and continuous improvement.

Jant SA was founded in 1984 by 5 shareholders with a long history in the sector of machining.


Over the years, Jant SA has faced many challenges across a broad spectrum of clients and industries. These challenges and their solutions have helped, by constantly updating the productive and management means, to promote Jant SA to a reputation for quality, efficiency, delivery and reliability.

The modernization of our manufacturing technology, a diversification in our activities and a wide network of industrial partners, allow us to serve without limitation all types of industries.


The philosophy of Jant SA from the first day has been to support our clients in the construction of their products. We incorporate new technical and human resources to improve the quality and efficiency required to compete in today's market. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients. By recruiting the best employees and using the latest technological improvements, we achieve this goal.


Jant SA offers its clients full control of materials and processes.

We understand that each client is unique and wants to be served that way.




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